The Worldwide Transportation Library began operations in 2000.  Our mission is to show you highways and railroads from across the globe, and most importantly, provide trivia that makes your travel plans easier.

Our site was originally known as Pictures of Highway Shields.  We initially took road photographs from California, Illinois, and Nevada. 

In 2003, the Pictures of Highway Shields expanded into Ireland and the United Kingdom.  Coverage in eastern Asia began in 2004.  Since then, further inroads into Canada, México, Central Europe, and the Middle East have been made. 

In 2006, we created a child website called Videos of Worldwide Highways.    We made hand-captured footage from highways in Canada, México, United States, and the two Chinas.  This project was well ahead of its time, releasing several new videos per month.  Competing websites took notice but were ultimately unable to keep pace w/ our low bandwidth, high quality captures.

On 28-Dec-2006, we merged Pictures of Highway Shields and Videos of Worldwide Highways into the Worldwide Highway Library.  It was upon this merger that we surpassed 50,000 monthly hits for the first time.

In 2007, we were became inspired by the efficiency of railroads and the quick shuttle of tourists and goods.  This inspiration led to our formation of the Worldwide Railway Library.  We initially covered Swiss Rail, Amtrak, and local California rail-lines.

In May 2008, the Worldwide Highway Library and Worldwide Railway Library merged into the Worldwide Transportation Library.  This brings us to today!  We hope you enjoy your visit.  Our goal is that you teach yourself about different transportation systems in countries or regions you've never seen.  Please travel and travel well!

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